Hot Sand And Burnign Hearts

The Motorbikes

Our motorbikes are two KTM LC4, built 2001 and 2002, bought two months ago.

"Why don't you ride BMWs, they are the most technically advanced motorcycles right now?" asked me Touratech's Herbert Schwarz. The answer was simple: our journey is completely self-financed. In our price range 650 Dakars might be more comfortable to ride on long rides and maybe they are more reliable. Still for such a long enduro trip they are no option for us when they remain unmodified. We could not afford a brand-new 1200 or xChalangers.

Therefore: We rely on KTM's well-tried and trusty workhorse: the good, old 640 Adventure. 12.000 and 29.000 km of driving performance respectively, well-maintained by the previous owners and equipped with enough roadcases.