Hot Sand And Burnign Hearts

The Route

The exact route as Google Earth file is available for download here.

We take the old postal route not the paved, asphalted roads. The first part of the journey leads us from Tegel Palace, the former domicile of the Humboldt family, to Jekaterinburg.

The respective stops are:

Part 1 - Page 1/2

  • Tczew, formerly Dirschau in Poland
  • Malbork, Marienburg
  • Russian enclave Kaliningrad, formerly Königsberg
  • Memel, in Lithuania
  • Riga, in Latvia
  • Tartu, formerly Dorpat in Estonia
  • Across the Russian border in Narva / Ivangorod
  • Kingisep, formerly Jamburg
  • Strelna, a suburb of St. Petersburg
  • Puschkin formerly Zarskoje
  • Novgorod
  • Valday
  • Tver
  • Moscow
  • Pokrov
  • Vladimir
  • Murom
  • Gokij, Nizhniy Novgorod
  • Kazan

Part 1 - Page 2/2

  • Laishevo
  • The ruins Bulghar
  • Malmysch
  • Debesy
  • Ochansk
  • Perm
  • Kungur
  • Achit
  • Jekaterinburg
  • Satasee, bei Jekaterinburg
  • The goldmines of Beryozovsky
  • Nevjansk
  • Nizh. Tagil
  • Kusva and Mount Bolgodat
  • Nizh. Tura
  • Krasnoturinsk, formerly Bogolovsk
  • Verkhoturye
  • Alapayevsk
  • Rezh
  • and back to Jekaterinburg

Six weeks of traveling.
Let's see if we can make it?

We are currently looking for a travel companion for the second part, Jekaterinburg to Smeinogorsk, and the third part, Smeinogorsk via Astrachan to Berlin, which we plan to travel in spring and summer 2011. More information on this site approx. January 2011, when our next travel preparations start.