With Mr. von H. to the Schlangenberg

The Route

We are looking for stories beyond the current news coverage and well-treaded paths.

From Geneva it will be the ferry to Tunisia. We do have a appointment for an exciting interview on the country's new constitution in Tunis, but then we quickly want to hit the road. The city of Sidi Bouzid in central Tunisia where the Arab revolution started with greengrocer Mohamed Bouzizi self-immolation will be the first destination. Near Dehiba we will cross the border to Libya. Only there we will find out if we can enter the country from the West and how we will be received. The situation is unclear and it's impossible to get dependable information. As of now no tourist visa for Libya are issued. We have to wait and see...

Should we make it across the border we want to visit the famous Ghudamis Oasis. There are meetings planed in Tripolis, Sabha, Sirte (birthplace of Gaddaffi) and in Bengazi. In case the current fighting in the South has calmed down we plan to travel to the Kufra Oases 1.000 km across the Libyan desert.

We will head to Egypt via Sallum then visiting the Oases Siwa and Kharga. After Luxor there will be a short detour to the Red Sea and then straight to Cairo's Tharier Square. In Alexandria, the Salafist stronghold, we have an appointment with Mohamed Amara, a film-maker himself and the intellectual mastermind of the islamist fundamentalists in Egypt. Here our journey will end. Or will be the Syrian border be open for motorcycle riders by the end of May?